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Retiring the Post-Pandemic University project

For a number of reasons we have decided to retire the Post-Pandemic University project. Over a two and a half year period we published 235 posts from contributors around the world, organised two large online conferences and ran a podcast series on methodological adaptations to lockdown. The site will be kept online as an archival…

Digital Scholarship After Covid-19

Mark Carrigan This talk will discuss how the university has changed over the last two years, as well as which of these changes are likely to remain. We can’t expect that the university will snap back to pre-pandemic normality, particularly with regards to the central role that digital platforms now play in academic life. If…

Are you looking for a teaching role in digital education?

Are you looking for a teaching role in digital education? The Manchester Institute for Education is hiring three Senior Tutors to support a range of programmes, one of which is the MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education. This is a rapidly growing area of the department with a recently launched research group and a range…

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