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The Digital Condition: an informal discussion group

The Digital Condition is an open discussion group, organised by Mark Carrigan and Milan Stürmer, building on last year’s experimental project to inquire about the digitalised experience of the pandemic. For each meeting there will be a short article and a series of questions posed in advance, with the session being an open forum for […]

Pandemic Perspectives: A Call to Arms for the Humanities

David Christie At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, I found myself, perhaps like everyone else, endlessly speculating on the long-term impact of Covid-19. Struggling to reach even the most tentative conclusions as to how the post-Covid future would unfold, I felt a desperate need to talk about it with others, and, as […]

Performance of Higher Education within pandemic and post-pandemic – a perspective from Poland, United Kingdom, and Ukraine

Justyna Maciąg, Tammi Sinha, Tetiana Prykhodko & Mateusz Lewandowski Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have had to change their delivery and ways of working at incredible speed. The disruptive innovation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is having profound impacts on all stakeholders of HEIs. This study reports on the results of the project which has brought […]

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