Building the Post-Pandemic University

September 18th, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Organising committee: Mark Carrigan, Michele Martini, Hannah Moscovitz, Susan Robertson, Milan Stürmer

Registration closed at 17:00 BST September 15th

9:00-10:15 BST: Rethinking the University

Chair: Dr. Aliandra Lazzari Barlete

Promoting practical wisdom: rebalancing universities after COVID-19 – Professor Clive Holtham, Dr. Tatiana Chemi

The temporality of the post-pandemic university and the contours of democracy – Dr. Matthew Thomas, Dr. Ben Whitburn

Podcasting During a Pandemic – Simone Eringfield

Unprecedented: A Disciplinary Perspective on the post COVID university. What can History offer? – Professor Jennifer Clark, Dr. Adele Nye

Designing for Matters of Concern in the Post-Pandemic University – Professor Heidrun Allert and Christine Bussian (working with Christoph Richter, Lars Raffel and Norma Reichelt)

10:30-11:45 BST: University and Society

Chair: Dr. Jana Bacevic

Building the post-pandemic university for social equity: A return to the common good – Dr Thomas Brotherhood, Lili Yang, and Dr Maia Chankseliani

Tweeting the Pandemic: Discursive Strategies of UK Universities during the COVID-19 Crisis – Dr. Michele Martini

The failure of ‘knowledge societies’ and the way ahead – Dr. Stavros Moutsios

Blended learning partnerships for International Education – Dr. Li Yuan and Stephen Powell

Timescapes and Anticipatory Practices in the Contemporary Academy – Professor Susan L. Robertson

12:00-13:15 BST: Reassembling the University

Chair: Professor Susan L. Robertson

Pandemic Reconfigurations: Recreating University Classrooms Online in Indian Households – Dr. Pawan Singh and Pranjal Jain

Geopolitics goes viral: The digitalisation of the post-pandemic higher education landscape – Dr. Eva Hartmann

The ‘International University’ in an immobile world: rethinking internationalisation in the Covid-19 era – Dr. Hannah Moscovitz

The ‘Great Leap Forward’ in Chinese Higher Education and its implications for Post-Pandemic Education Governance – Bowen Xu

Towards a Suboptimal University – Dr. Zach Kaiser

13:30-14:45 BST: Pandemic Pedagogy

Chair: Dr. Michele Martini

Remote teaching in the post-pandemic university: a study of copyright and data protection terms of online services – Dr. Giulia Schneider and Dr. Justin Jütte

Teaching Machines: Diffracting Platforms and pedagogies for Critical Design Justice – Dr. Eleanor Dare

Relaxed Pedagogy: Relaxing Teaching and Learning in the University – Dr. Dieuwertje Dyi Huijg and Kelsie Acton

Learning in the Post-Pandemic University – Connor Wright and Dr. Abhishek Gupta

A Framework for Delivering Blended Learning in the Post-Pandemic University – Jackie Adamson

15:00-16:15 BST: The Post-Pandemic Student

Chair: Dr. Hannah Moscovitz

Beyond the Consumerdrome: the challenge of the post-pandemic student – Dr. Martin Myers and Professor Kalwant Bhopal

Value, Graduate Outcomes and the Post-Pandemic University: a scoping review and alternative way forward – Tom Fryer

The Covid-19 pandemic and the dissolution of the university campus: Exploring student support networks – Dr. Rille Raaper, Professor Chris Brown, Dr Anna Llewellyn

Connectivity and Dis-junction in the Post-Pandemic University: Preliminary Thoughts – Dr. Fadia Dakka

16:30-17:45 BST: Precarity, Casualisation and Labour

Chair: Dr. Steve Watson

How did Covid-19 Affect Emergency Remote Teaching by Precarious Instructors – Dr. Jon Hughes and Nicole Stewart (working with Dr. Anis Rahman and Pippa Adams)

Bodies of work: a proposal for critical labour literacy in the post-pandemic university – Dr. Mia Zamora, Dr. Kate Bowles, Dr. Autumn Caines, Dr. Maha Bali

From Bitterness to Rebellion: Casualised Staff Activism in UK Universities during Covid-19 – Ayse Sargin

The Next Gig – Dr. Lai Ma

18:00-19:15 BST: Inequality and Injustice

Chair: Dr. Eva Hartmann

Building the post-pandemic university; countering inequality with an ethics of care – Professor Laura Czerniewicz

Structural ableism: How disabled people’s lived experiences can shape inclusive research practices in a post-COVID-19 academy – Dr. Stuart Read and Dr. Anne Parfitt

Complexity discourses and race-related injustices in UKHE – Dr. Audrey Verma

Meritocracy as Magical Thinking: Priorities of the post-pandemic university – Arushi Manners

(Filip Vostal stepped in as a last minute replacement for Arushi Manners)

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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