Digital wellbeing During Covid-19

In this podcast Mark Carrigan and Tyler Shores discuss digital wellbeing during the pandemic. What are the challenges we face? What tips and techniques can we use to address them in everyday life? We’d love to feature more on these issues if you’d like to write about them. Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Listening to the post-pandemic Institution

Matt Lewis It feels like many of us are doing a lot of listening at the moment, and according to Zoom “Audio is the most important aspect of your Zoom Room!”, so why does it all sound so bad? The compression algorithms employed by platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are predilected towards the […]

Technology and Conversation

Mark Johnson The biologist Humberto Maturana once wrote a poem called “The Student’s Prayer” in response to the unhappiness of his son in school. It goes: Don’t impose on me what you know, I want to explore the unknown And be the source of my own discoveries. Let the known be my liberation, not my […]

Post-Pandemic Conferences: Academic networks and changing conference spaces

Catherine Oliver Academic conferences serve multiple purposes: to communicate research; to network; to learn about emerging research; and to define the contours of a disciplinary field. However, the ostensibly collegiate intentions of the academic conference have increasingly been co-opted into neoliberal models and performances of “the academic.” Presenting at “prestigious” conferences has become a metric […]

About openness to hybrid education in post-pandemic Costa Rican universities

Valeria Lentini, Isabel Roman & Felipe Carrera The first confirmed case in Costa Rica was reported on 6th March. As soon as it was announced by the Ministry of Health, 1.1 million students in schools (91% in public, 9% in private) and three hundred thousand in universities (48% in public, 52% in private) were sent […]

Academic blogging – both/and rather than either/or

Mark Carrigan How do you feel about academic blogging? If you are reading this then, chances are, you feel reasonably well inclined towards it. However if you are an academic blogger then you will undoubtedly be aware that many people are not so well inclined. This raises an obvious question: why? There are many different answers which […]

workshop: the digital divide in the post-pandemic university

The pandemic has thrown a harsh spotlight on digital inequalities within higher education. The university campus brought staff and students into a shared space, with a degree of infrastructural provision which created at least an appearance of digital equality. In its absence during this crisis vast differences in the quality and quantity of internet access […]

From exclusive conferencing to community building – facing the challenge of the climate crisis

Soeren Thomsen and Alastair Creelman Rather than asking the question of whether we should go back to face-to-face conferences, we need to ask why we want to have a conference in the first place? International conferences are almost always exclusive events, favouring participants from wealthy countries and institutions, and although they have strong symbolic value, […]


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