CfP: Postdigital Theologies Technology, Belief, and Practice

It is already well researched that digital technologies have an impact on the practical areas of ministry and mission within religious institutions. However, relationships between technologies and the actual content of belief and practice have received much less attention. A number of models are now starting to emerge, but each of these depends on the […]

Contributing to the post-pandemic university project

What sort of university will emerge from this crisis? If you’re interested in helping us answer this question then we hope you might consider contributing to our project through one of our current calls for contributions: Tell us about your experience of adapting fieldwork for the pandemic as part of our podcast series Analyse the […]

CfP: Postdigital Soundscapes

While sound has always occupied a central place in educational practices and research—from questions of student voice and silence to the roles of songs and recitation in classrooms—scholars in various fields are increasingly interested in the intersection between sound and education, so much so that Walter Gershon and Peter Applebaum (2018) have even called for […]

The impact of universities on climate change: an interview with Tristan McCowan

Anna Kliampa Climate change politics have indubitably raised plentiful public concern recently. In this regard, such concerns provide evidence of the socio-political construction and importance of the environmental discourse, since scientific facts on climate change existed since the 1970s, long ago before climate politics surface the universal discourse.  This political discourse derives from the side […]

CfP: Education in the automated age

We now find ourselves in what Mark Andrejevic (2019) describes as an ‘era of pervasive automation’ – where masses of digital data are coming together with algorithmic processing and machine learning to drive powerful automated decision making systems that increasingly shape the boundaries of everyday life. This special issue explores the diverse implications that these […]

Building platforms for public scholarship

Mark Carrigan and Lambros Fatsis This is an extract from The Public and Their Platforms, published by University of Bristol Press in June 2021. The research literature on social media in higher education has tended to be preoccupied by how individuals take advantage of the affordances of these platforms or struggle with their constraints. We […]

Academic ignorance of academic infrastructure

Mark Carrigan and Lambros Fatsis This is an extract from The Public and Their Platforms, published by University of Bristol Press in June 2021. It is striking how widespread ignorance of academic publishing remains among (some) academics given its centrality to their occupation. This is symptomatic of a broader ignorance of the role of the technical […]


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