When it ends

Jana Bacevic In the summer of 2018, I came back to Cambridge from one of my travels to a yellowed, dusty patch of land. The grass – the only thing that grew in the too shady back garden of the house me and my partner were renting – had not only wilted; it had literally […]

Hybrid teaching and student poverty in the 22/23 academic year

Mark Carrigan Earlier in the summer David Hitchcock circulated an important guide about student poverty, offering advice about the coming socioeconomic crisis and what it means for students. With the possibility that inflation could hit 20% in Britain by January, it’s likely that poverty will become widespread amongst the student population. Not simply in the relative sense of […]

Does Big Tech have too much power in the post-pandemic university?

During the pandemic platforms like Zoom and Teams became central to the core operations of the university, enabling teaching and research to continue in the absence of face-to-face interaction. The radical change involved in what has been called the online pivot built upon a much longer term process of growing reliance upon digital infrastructure across […]

Academics should embrace Lo-Fi podcasting

Mark Carrigan I produced my first podcast over a decade ago. It was an interview with political sociologist Colin Crouch about his concept of Post-Democracy. The resulting conversation was high in intellectual content, low in production values, but I was so enthused by what I’d just made that this limitation didn’t occur to me. It […]

Student Poverty: A Short Practical Guide for University Lecturers

We wanted to share this important resource, by Dave Hitchcock, offering strategies for supporting students through the socioeconomic crisis hitting Britain. The guide is available here and we hope you will share it with others. Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Enabling student-centred learning when teaching online

Roshni Barot, Ollie Brook, Joanne Morton, Matt Tregellas This piece of work was submitted as a student essay for the MA Digital Technologies, Communication and Education at the University of Manchester Introduction The focus of student-centred learning is “to provide high-quality, engaging learning experiences” (Riggs, 2020) (emphasis added by the author) that use innovative methods […]

Are personal academic blogs a thing of the past?

Mark Carrigan What is academic blogging? This is a question I’ve asked myself regularly throughout my career. I began blogging in 2003 as an undergraduate student and cycled through a series of blogs hosted by Blogger before moving to WordPress in 2010. I set up a multi-author blog, The Sociological Imagination, with my friend Milena […]


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