International development and education – the student view

We thought this was a deeply exciting project from UCL’s Will Brehm who runs FreshED:

Dr Will Brehm considers his teaching and podcasting to be important parts of his academic life, and issued himself a challenge. “Why couldn’t I infuse my teaching practice with podcast pedagogies? Why couldn’t I utilise the medium of sound and audio to enrich the study of education and international development?”

In an effort to democratise and empower others to get involved in knowledge production and dissemination, he asked undergraduate students to produce their own 15-minute podcasts on any topic in international development and education. The results – outstanding. The content – thought-provoking. Furthermore, what is also amazing is that most had little to no prior experience in audio production.

Here’s an extract from three student podcasts to celebrate their work and push the meaning of impact in new directions.

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash


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