Participants needed for two projects about technology, inequality, and the future of Higher Education

The Post-Pandemic University has issued two new call-outs for participants.

The first is for a multi-stage project examining digital inequalities in education – issues which predate the COVID crisis but have, unquestionably, been brought into sharper relief by it. The project will seek to explore how digital inequalities may be resolved, or formed anew, at all levels – for students, academics, and within scholarship itself – in the digital and blended environments of the post-pandemic; but it will also do so by examining the past and present of those inequalities.

Practitioners, stakeholders and researchers are all invited to express their interest in joining an initial series of workshops, tentatively scheduled to begin on 14 July, on the project page. You can also find inspiration here from a long list of issues which could potentially be up for discussion as the exercise develops.

In addition, The Post-Pandemic University is collaborating with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) to launch a global dialogue about the digital divide in higher education. ACU’s new podcast series will explore how the work of universities is changing as a result of the digital revolution and how they can use their position to confront the challenges posed by digital technology. PPU will be providing a platform to build on those discussions with responses to each episode. Read more about the collaboration and get in touch using this form.

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

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