The Digital Divide: what is being done to overcome it and where do we go from here?

The Digital Education Futures Initiative (DEFI) recently convened four experts to give brief presentations on the Digital Divide, followed by an extended question and answer session. A global audience of nearly 200 registrants joined DEFI for the event.  

The invited experts were: 

  • Dr Sue Sentance, Chief Learning Officer at Raspberry Pi, to present The Digital Divide: Beyond Access 
  • Dr Sara Hennessy and Dr Björn Haßler, Directors of the EdTechHub, to present perspectives from the EdTechHub 
  • Prof Tom Crick, Welsh Government advisor on Digital Education and Infrastructure, to present Delivering a Digital Wales: Policy, Skills, Infrastructure and the Economy 

Following the presentations, the Q&A session addressed the following topics through the lens of digital education and the digital divide:  

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