Our next conference: Digital Technology and the Post-Pandemic University

Wednesday October 21st, 9am to 6pm BST  

This online conference with the Society for Research into Higher Education’s Digital University Network inquires into the ‘new normal’ we face in higher education, as well as the role which digital technology has and will play in bringing it about. It is clear that digital technology will be essential to teaching, research and administration under these conditions but it is far less obvious what this will look like in practice. Furthermore, the online pivot is being undertaken at such speed and under such difficult conditions that strategic considerations risk being subordinated to the imperative of keeping the university operating at a distance.  

This online conference brings together political, sociological and technological questions which speak to our uncertain moment and the many questions which face us as we move forward. It includes panels on university futures, the online pivot, pandemic pedagogy and comparative perspectives. It will start with a keynote from Dr. Ben Williamson on ‘The cloud campus with a cyborg centre‘.

Photo by Massimo Botturi on Unsplash

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