Contributing to the post-pandemic university

We urgently need analysis of the changes underway within the university, at precisely the moment when knowledge production has been disrupted by this crisis. Post-Pandemic University is a research platform facilitating exchange, collaboration and networking between scholars who share a concern with how universities are being transformed by Covid-19 and how we might intervene in that process. As well as participating in our programme of events and podcast series, we invite contributions to the website in two broad categories.

The Observatory hosts short-form analysis of salient trends. These are short posts (under 700 words) intended for rapid release, identifying a significant trend and offering some initial analysis. These might involve teaching, publishing, technology, labour, policy, student affairs or any topic relevant to our broader theme. The intention is to stimulate debate about emerging issues in a matter of days, rather than the months or years involved in legacy modes of scholarly publishing. These posts should feature links to relevant developments and aim to leave the reader with a sense of the questions posed by the trends which are under discussion. The idea is for empirically grounded conversation starters (helped by brevity) rather than loosely argued mini-essays (hindered by brevity).

The Magazine hosts longer reflections which go deeper into emerging developments. Please restrict these to a maximum of 1500 words, with a clear sense of the focus of your piece. There’s no formal style guide but please remember these are intended for a specialist audience that won’t necessarily be familiar with your specific field and discipline. These are conversation starters within a broader research community, as opposed to formal publications within a field. We’d like you to use hyperlinks rather than references and quotations marks rather than inverted commas, in order to ensure consistency across our site.

We would like you to include a short third person bio statement at the end for each of the contributions. Please note these contributions will be published under a CC BY-NC-ND license which means others are free to download your contributions and share them with others, as long as they credit you, don’t change them or use them commercially. Obviously feel free to republish your contributions elsewhere, though we would appreciate a link back to our site as the original place of publication if that’s possible.

If you’d like to contribute to the Observatory or Magazine then please get in touch to discuss your idea.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


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